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poison pen: responding to my hate mail pt 2

So thus far my hate mail (meaning all the mail generated by my site) has been by people who take offense at my dismissive tone regarding their dearly loved movies. This had been the state of my hate mail until tonight, when I received my first response to the article I wrote about the forthcoming Sylvia Likens movie. I had half-expected some kind of negative response, mainly because of the (in retrospect) over-stated hyperbole of identifying NASCAR broadcasts as more realistic venue than independent film festivals to reach out to potential child abusers. Obviously, this is a gross overstatement, and were I not committed to not altering the content of my writing once it’s published, that passage would be quietly exorcised.
As it turns out, the first negative feed-back the piece has produced has nothing to do with my comfort in pandering to southern stereotypes. Instead, it reads:

What gave you the right to plaster my fathers name {Coy Hubbard} over the internet? I guess people like you don't really care who's lives you are destroying, after all Sylvia Likens was 40+ years ago. I wasn't even born yet and you've destroyed mine.

Thank You,
Dealing with it

Obviously, I would be a rube to not at least entertain the idea that this is someone pulling my leg for reasons too bizarre and obscure to imagine. At first I couldn’t fathom why my site was chosen; when either Hubbard’s or Likens’ names are entered into a search engine, hundreds of pages are found(this was an important case in the 60’s). While mine is not among the first hundred found for either name, I checked my site meter, which tracks this visitor as finding my site by typing “photos of coy hubbard and the murder of sylvia likens” into Yahoo (I tried it- mine is the first site that appears).

Because of the anonymity offered by the internet, I can never be sure who wrote this. But out of the remote chance that the actual real son or daughter of Coy Hubbard is the author, I feel compelled to write back.

Dear Sir or Madam,

It’s been a couple of hours since I discovered the comment you left at my site, and I’ve spent that time in careful consideration of how best to respond. There is a great deal of rage expressed in this short message, rage that seems wholly misdirected by being aimed at me. While brevity is hardly my strong point, I will try to apply it as I answer point by point.

First; the issue of my “right” in plastering your father’s name over the internet. I don’t know how extensive your internet searching has been, but I can hardly take the credit for introducing this story to the digital age. When typed (with quotes) Google kicks back 398 entries, and even allowing for the probability that there have been others who share that name, it would appear that this case isn’t going away. As such, I could easily hide behind the obvious and simple point that this is public record and a well covered case to boot, and I could even go so far as to offer a rhetorical question about Sylvia Likens’ “rights”, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll simply make this point; setting aside your personal relationship for a moment, do you want to live in a society where the protection of the guilty is so absolute that their name’s can never be mentioned in connection with the crimes they commit? Don’t get me wrong, I am no Dirty Harry style vigilante hell-bent on blood atonement; this is not one of those websites that list the current addresses and name changes of convicted criminals. Not only do I accept the possibilities of reform and redemption, but I truly hope your father achieved them, finding meaning and peace in his adult life. But while I have no interest in hounding people about their past bad choices, I also believe it is morally bankrupt to ignore that past because it makes people uncomfortable.

The suggestion that I “don’t really care whose lives” I destroy is absurd and offensive. Whose life have I destroyed, exactly? I am empathetic enough to concede the possibility that (hypothetically) there are others who are also responsible for your father’s presence in that house. Since most of the writing about the case is focused on the Baniszewski family, I can only speculate on what combination of emotional problems and miserable home lives brought the neighborhood kids into that nightmare, but the fact remains, they were there.

I certainly take exception to the statement that I’ve ruined your life; like you, I wasn’t even born when all this happened, and I think it’s incredible that my one passing mention of your father’s name is the cause of any personal catastrophe. If, through some unfortunate series of coincidences, my website is the first time you’re reading about this case…it’s just my bad luck, I guess. But the fact remains, among the couple of hundred websites that discuss this case, there’s a consensus of horror and disgust.

I highly recommend you come to peace with this situation soon, since, as I wrote in the original article, two Sylvia Likens movies are slated for release in the next few months (the criticism of being the actual topic of the piece). The filmmakers are using the real names, and while I don’t think either of these movies will be blockbusters, even modest success will mean a level of exposure well beyond the size of Millet’s book being assigned reading in gender studies courses…or my dink-ass website.

In conclusion, I don’t pretend that this response will in any way calm your anger or bring you to an acceptance of the specific context many people (myself included) view your father in. Rather, I expect that if you ever end up reading this, I’ll find an even angrier, more hostile message than the first one. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m hard-pressed to think of anything I could write that would make this “better”, short of offering an apology for listing the participants in a hideous and inhuman crime- something in good conscious I cannot do. I take no pride from- nor find no pleasure in- the thought that stumbling into my site caused you any suffering this evening; I can only imagine the daily hell of living under the cloud of association with a crime committed before I was born. But as sad as that thought may make me, it does not change the fact that what I wrote was true, and that to falsely apologize or alter the text of a published piece would betray what it means to me to be a writer, and what it means to be a man.

Jason M. Cutler


Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone who is the spawn of the pathetic excuse for a human being your father and the rest of those asshole's are deserve the same treatment mr and mrs. likens daughter received. i hope you and your entire family die a slow painful death. fuck your life

9:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To any of the children of Coy Hubbard I would say, "It amazing you were ever conceived." How any person connected to a crime of that magnitude was ever allowed to be released from custody is beyond comprehension. Also let's not forget that this man continued to engage in criminal behavior. Several of the hundred websites state Hubbard was in and out of jail. This highlights, how a minors criminal record should not be sealed if involved in a murder investigation. By all rights you should not even be here to complain. Your father is a monster. He has no one to blame but himself. There is no excuse for the crimes he commited. Beatings, burning, forced strip-tease etc... nuf said

7:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you need to accept what your father was a part of and deal with it- and because of these actions there are always consequences. Assuming you are a parent imagine how you would feel if that had happened to your beloved child while someone participated and did not help therefore causing senseless torture and the death of a beautiful person. I think all people involved in this tragedy should have been locked up, or they should have been institutionalized for life. You should not blame others for your fathers mistakes. Unfortunately you can not prevent people from posting especially since there was a movie released. I just watched the movie and i can't even comprehend what I have just seen. I am saddened that this happens everyday and that there is no way to stop the inhumanity.

9:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

comment for hubbards..i wished you all lived near me cause after learning about this crime,id more than likely stalk you and beat you because i know that state punishment didnt do proper justice and that i know what your father deserves!!!!!!!!!!!besides, you sound proud of your loser father who i wish has died a horrible death....... from one who would disown my family for actions like the ones that your FATHER committed...and thank you to the person for posting hubbards mail cause i was glad to respond and hope his son reads my comment

2:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to sit here and talk about all the hate mail you get on your site then dont have a website. Your father did a horrible thing and no matter what him, his children and probably even your children will have to live with it for the rest of your lives. If you think that you need to defend your father for what he did stating that other neighborhood kids did it to I think that it is pathetic, it does not make it ok for him to beat and torture a helpless girl just because other kids were doing it or because his girlfriend was doing it. Im sorry but anybody that wants to defend somebody who did something that horrible wheather it is family or not has seriously something wrong with them he should have got the electric chair all of them should have. I would just like to know if you have ever sat down and talked with your father about sylvia likens if he has any remorse or for that matter why he even did it in the first place. there is so much that I could say about this hole subject but to coy hubbard and all that helped in the torture and killing of Sylvia. And I can see you didnt keep the name Hubbard, well I wouldnt of discrased myself with that name either.

6:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coy Hubbard needs to be beheaded!! He is a sorry excuse for a human being and I hope he dies a horrible painful death, if he hasn't already!

11:30 AM

Blogger kisses said...

So we should just forget about Sylvia since it happened over 40 yrs ago?! Your father should have gotten the death penalty! He has been in and out of jail since Sylvia's death. Plus, he has been tried for two other deaths. He is a sorry excuse for a human being and as soon as he dies, this world will be a much better place!

9:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just wonder if this is the daughter of coy hubbard who was in a custody battle with him when he was trying to take her kids away for not taking care of them.

11:35 AM

Anonymous kimberly hubbard said...

to the person whom left the comment about hubbard as a last name and it being a disgrace.....i am a Hubbard and in no relation to this man but am very proud of my last name and my heritage. you really shouldnt plaster open statements of that nature.

10:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember when this happened. I was five years old. My mother told me about what happened to a young girl. And that I should be careful. I was at the dedication on East Washington street at the park where the memorial for Sylvia was unveiled. Park is not far from where this took place. This was about 2002 or 2003. I felt compelled to go & give my respects. I talked with both of here sisters & the attorney who sent these SOB's to jail. I have no compassion for the people who did this. Let God do the forgiving......

8:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Seems from your comments its true what they say, "fruit doesn't fall far from the tree". by wishing a person a slow and painful death like Sylvia means that you learn nothing from your fathers COWARDLY and feminine actions because by picking on a defensless, starved, sick,and malnutrient girl, shows how much of a man he really is. Furthermore, to take pride in him
shows the sorry of a person you really are. You sound by your words like you are a man or a really masculine woman. Lovely! :)

9:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am about the same age as Sylvia would have been had she lived. I can't help but think if I or any of my friends would be capable of something like that back then. HELL NO!!!! Coy Hubbard was a bully and a coward. I hope he met big tuff sweaty hillbilly MF who made him their bitch!! If he is still alive I hope his life sucks!! In fact I hope all of them have nothing! Anyone that was involed. They got off easy. It makes me sick!! Bye bye to bad rubbish!!!!

7:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that was a perfect response to your 'hate mail'. I agree with you 100% and you couln't have put into better words. Hopefully the 'child' of this man is intelligent enough to understand where you are coming from.
Have a great day.
Kalie K

9:41 AM

Anonymous FUCKyouBASTARDofCOYhubbard said...

To Coy Hubbard and all his descendants:

I hope that all of you die of judo practice and get knocked up and down concrete steps. I hope that you get smacked around and tied up and get bathed in scalding hot water and are forced to eat your own excretions. One day you will understand what your daddy dearest is made of now and 40 years ago. Age has no forbearance on his stupidity of the crime. It seems that you are just as cruel as him to believe such a thing. Rot in hell!!! Both of you!!!!!

10:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, dude. Your father took part in the torture of an innocent young girl. What did she do to anyone? Nothing. Your father, is a shitty excuse for a human being. He deserves death and it is completely beyond me that he could even have the mental capacity to fucking care for a child. My advice- drop the fucking attitude, get the hell on with your own life, accept the fact that your father belongs in hell, and don't ever fucking follow in his footsteps. He deserves no defense. He was wrong. All wrong. Never right. Go make a life for yourself, and leave him to wallow in the misery and fucked up ruin that is his.

12:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bastard! Your family should suffer the way that poor girl did. Anything to come from that subhuman ca only be trash. ROT IN HELL

3:14 AM

Anonymous jocylin mcfall said...

Nobody who has posted a comment on here honestly has the right to say what they've said. Maybe you have the "right" as far as freedom of speech, but you do not have the right to say that the child of someone should be killed, stalk, die a horrible death, or anything like that. Quite honestly, I'm shocked that the man who wrote the letter in response, (Jason?) even allows that kind of talk. Not only is it illigal to threaten people, but it's also quite obviously not what his letter was meant for. What the child's father did was horrible, nobody is debating this. However, his children, their children and so forth are NOT responsible and it's unfair and shameful that they should have to bear the brunt of the cruelty that sick and demented people dish out. The things that have been posted in response are no different than what was done to that poor girl years ago, except those people were caught and punished, unlike you cowards who talk so much shit but don't even have the balls to put your names to it. To the author of the orignial letter, it's a terrible shame that you and your family have to deal with what your father did. He made those choices years ago, not you, and you should not be punished for his crimes. I pray that you will find the peace that you so desperately need. I also pray that he has found the forgiveness that he needs in order to live his life. And regardless of what you will read from the no-balls anonymous people, that forgiveness does exsist. To Jason, you proved yourself to be an honest and upstanding man by posting your response. Do not take personally the words that were written to you, as you know you do not have the power to ruin someone's life. You are right, this person has not found the way to accept what his/her father did and move on, but hopefully in time he/she will find that. I think it was very compassionate of you to respond in a rational way instead of saying the horrible things that the "anonymous" cowards posted in response to it all.

1:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

coy hubbard was and maybe still is a fuckin scumbag and ill say that with pride, what sort of sick freak was he, look at that photo of l
sylvia, she doesnt look like she was the type of girl to deserve any of that nonsence.... fuck him, he can rot in hell

5:37 PM

Blogger autlal said...

What ever happened to this pussy coy hubbard or paula baniszewski?Is he dead? I tried finding information , but didn't come up with any thing.He is probably hiding some where like the pussy he and paula are instead of coming out and allowing for people living near them to find out the truth.What a sorry piece of shit.

9:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my name is Zach, and to Coy Hubbard, John Jr., and any of the other motherfuckers involved, or anyone who defends them as they were "just kids" you better hope I don't find you. no one desreves to be treated the way Sylvia was and its only justice if they get what they deserved. fair warning: I'm not as forgiving as the Indiana Justice Department, I wont let you free.

feel free to email me:

3:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you and your feelings you pussy. You're father is a pathetic piece of shit and so are you for defending him.

8:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should never admit to anyone who your bitch-ass, weak pussy of a daddy is. The fact that he was ever allowed out of jail, and conceived you, is simply appalling. How dare you act indignant over "negative" comments about that waste of flesh you call dad. Everyone involved in the mistreatment of Sylvia is nothing but pathetic, white trash, fat, ugly stupid piles of steamy shit. I hope your daddy is forced to eat shit while having a bottle rammed up his ass, while being bitch-slapped like the bitch that he is.
You are a bitch for even existing. Shut the fuck up you weak, whiny, ignorant, little bitch.

6:12 PM

Anonymous EatShitLikeSylviaHadTo said...

To JOCYLIN MCFALL: Fuck you bitch! Get off your fucking high horse and shut the fuck up. The fact that you can even defend any actions makes you a worthless piece of shit as well. Fuck you, fuck your stupid ideas, and eat shit. I have no patience for bitches like you that try to "put others in their place" with your big fancy words, all strongly written. I'm sure you've never had to deal with anything unpleasant in your life, fueling your opinion about justice. Fuck you. Fuck your stuid ideas. Get your huge retarded head out of your ass and shut the fuck up. Eat shit.

6:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what other convictions did Coy have after this? He served some time at Michigan City, IN as an adult I think.

6:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top Jocelyn McFall: Ever hear of the expression "the sins of the fathers?" I predict that the children of these horrible people will never be able to live down what their fathers and mothers (How were they allowed to breed?) have done. And rightfully so. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

7:56 AM

Blogger abu_emil said...

Until a few days ago, I had never heard of Sylvia Likens and the terrible things that happened to her. I came across her by chance and started to read what had happened and then watched the film ‘an American Crime’ on youtube. After this research, I felt deeply moved, moved on a level that no other story has done before. There is something terribly haunting about it, something that makes me yearn to reach out to her and somehow lift her out of that terrible time and place. Or, at the very least to be able to talk to her and remind her soul that she did nothing wrong and that millions are with her and feel for her even now half a life time after her holocaust in that house and then basement.
The story touches on many levels. In her photograph, I see a girl who anybody should be utterly proud to have as a daughter. I feel devastated by what was denied to her; to grow up, experience the life that she never had, to have the joys of love, family, parenthood. The way she represents so many other people who have been cruelly cast out and despised just for being different, milder mannered or having something special within that others less worthy could not abide and had to destroy piece by piece until she could endure no more.
This morning, I entered a charity shop to look around and, on a shelf, there was a Beatles annual book dated from 1965. As a man of 46 and not one to be soppy by any means, I felt a tremendous urge to cry and felt my eyes moisten at times during the day as though I knew her. This was a girl who died three thousand miles away, has absolutely no connection and I was barely two at the time, yet I feel a great feeling just thinking about her and the person she would have been.

10:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked with coy for 10 years he seemed like a very nice and decent guy,I did not find out about this till they fired him then soon after he died of a heart codition.I do feel for his kids losing there father but in the end he got what he deserved death

6:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great this guy is dead. God is the judge. Never rely on the system to give the right sentence because they won't. As for his kids I wouldn't want to live knowing I had an awful person like that for a father. I hope you don't go were he is going. Evil seems to breed more evil.

7:23 AM

Anonymous JOY said...

Coy Hubbard is a retarded loser that should have been taken out to the woods, tortured by girls,then shot between the eyes afterward!!The same as those pathetic peices of crap that started Sylvia's pain and death! If this person that claims to be Coy Hubbard's kid really is his kid, then it sounds to me like they need to be locked up in a mental ward just for being a dumb ass whiner taking up for a murderer.If my father did something like this I would torment him every day of his life and sure as hell wouldn't want anyone to know that I was even remotely related to him. Stop bitching you stupid ass loser!!

6:11 PM

Anonymous Towing In Indianapolis said...

Coy Hubbard should have received the death penalty. I totally agree with that. Having said that, his family are also victim's. They have had to deal with this too. They didn't ask for it, just like Sylvia Likens didn't ask for it. That is my 2 cents.

10:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

God is the judge? He lets some guy who participated in torturing and murdering a 16 year old girl grow old and die a quick death. Maybe god isn't a very good judge then, huh?

5:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me practice judo kicks on you piece of shit!!!!!

6:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope your father and whole family rot not only in hell but I hope you never live a day of peace!! You deserve what Sylvia got.....F your life and any children you may have!!

6:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sadthat you had to be born from such a monster.only can hope the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

9:48 PM

Blogger anominous said...

He is lucky he is still living

9:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with all of you fuck them all they all deserved to be tortured to death themselves and to coy hubbards kids...if you can condone what that bastard did you deserve to have it done to you...i only wish i could stand face to face with your pathetic father.

12:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you expect???? Dont have a website and not expect feedback when you state things like "it was 40 years ago" You should be lucky you are even alive as your father should have hanged for what he was part of. Stop feeling sorry for yourself try thinking about that poor girl your father helped to kill. PS I really hope your father and the other bastards are rotting in hell!!

8:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew Coy for 18 years! And didn't know about Sylvia until about 6 months before he died from a massive heart attach! I talk to Coy about Sylvia and he told me he didn't do the things that they were saying he did! He said he was there but didn't touch her! I ask him how could u just stand there and watch? He said idk? He said he I feel really bad about it now I wish I would have done something! I at the time not knowing much about the story didn't know what to believe because the Coy I knew would do anything for anybody! I didn't know what to think? So I went to the library and found the book on it and I started researching on the Internet! When I learned what I did I was devastated! Then I talk to my dad about it and I told my dad it's really weird that everyone involved was dead except Coy! I said wouldn't that be crazy if something was to happen to him? I said god works in mysterious ways. And then Coy had a heart attach and his artery was was pierced when they did the cath and he was alive for almost 2 weeks and his last day before he passed he was awake and laughing talking and he told his wife to go home and stay the nite cause she had been there everynight! He said go home and get some good rest in your own bed! So she did and he passed next morning around 5 am! I think when the story was brought back up in the public eye and that there was gonna be a movie made and Coy was let go from his job because of it and the stress on coy from all of it did him in! I still to this day am shocked that he could have done such a horribl thing. And I don't think it's fair to say anything bad about his kids because they didn't do anything wrong! And I know his Daughters and I believe they are in denial and don't want to accept the fact of who Father was back then because of the who he was when he passed away! There is no excuse for what he did! But if you would have known the Coy I knew you would have been like NO way could he hurt somebody! And like I said there is no excuse but the Coy back in the 60s was not the same! It's like the bad in him left and he turned into such a caring person! I don't understand life sometimes and probably never will but it is what it is!

8:43 AM

Anonymous Axl said...

Coy fucking hubbard.One bit of scum the world is better off without.I feel truly sorry for his kid's having that abomination as a father.

I do wish I knew where he was buried though.I would give a lot to shit on this dead cunt's grave

1:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Coy, Fuck his Family, Fuck the Banizweskis and the neighbourhood kids. You are all going to burn in hell you Cunts. Go fuck youselfs.

8:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

coy your a cunt and so is your family hope they get raped by priest.

4:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

poop shoot YEAH

5:17 AM

Blogger Ironman said...

I wish the Boondock Saints would make a visit to every worthless basterd that laid a hand on that Likens girl. May they all burn in hell and all the bleeding heart pukes who paroled the basterds that did this. Can you imagine the white trash whores who married the basterds who were involved like Coy Hubbard?

12:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to shit on that grave, then I want to find his wife, kids, and grandkids and shit in all their mouths. What a truly sickening bunch of hogs.

7:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

jocelyn mcfall, I hope your kids meet up with someone as nice as coy hubbard one day, you stupid worthless murderer-loving piece of shit.

7:30 AM

Blogger Annita Martinez said...

ok hold on everyone this site I believe is only speaking about the case of Sylvia Likens not a hate sight for some of the persons involved, even though I trully belive no one payed for this horrible crime justfully.John Baniszewski claimed he was change bye God yet he changed his name to John Blake, to take responcibilty for your part is in my eyes keeping your true identity and not hiding!John when he last spoke of Sylvia bye staring blankly at nothing not even shedding a tear for it happening! I have some of the testimonyies of the people involved from the case and isnt it funny that in Ricky Hobbs mentioned " I dont recall" threw most of his counts on the crime died at the young age of 21.We also know Gertrude and Paula served little time in prison for thier part(which to me is the most) in prison and then got out and moved to Iowa, Gertrude died 5 years later and Paula...well Paula was a teachers iad for handicapped childrenm untill her true identy was discovered and then she was fired.What does this say about our system today? Not much.But I will say this the children born to the people whom were involved are victims themselves they knew nothing and if they did later on them they are true to defend thier parents again being the victims.unlike Paula no one else went to go on and work with disabled kids knowing what she had done to a young handicapped girl in 1965. Yes Sylvia was handicapped because she was kept prisoner in a house that killed her no one helped her and no one cared!I am not going ot forget Sylvia nor will I forget the ones that commited the crime to her,or how little thier punishments were.But again I do not blame the children of these people I only feeel sorry for them!

6:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't help but categorize every comment made by all these people in the ranks of hatred that Gertrude herself displayed. What is so ugly to me is how some of you comment about future generations of this man deserving horrible lives and death. I too was so grossened by the acts, and the movie is the mild version of the true brutality, but people read your angry words and would you want a child living with the person writing those threatening words. Ugh. I don't believe there is any reason to be proud of any of the people involved and I would never admit to knowing them, let alone claiming to be a proud daughter that is just dumb, but the lash of keyboard fury in response makes no more sense to me. To say you would want someone else to face the same horrible death makes you a Gertie.

9:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous jack ass who said God isnt good for allowing Sylvia to die in that way, it's called free will. We were given this by God. We are the idiots who do these crappy things to one another, it's we who choose to have wars, etc. We were given this paradise and the precious thing called life and we as society have tried to find every way possible to destroy the earth and life. If we had taken one ounce of the thought it takes to destroy life and use it creatively, there would be no cancer,aides, etc right now. You simply cannot see what God sees, you dont know what happened to Sylvia after she died now do you? Unless your an expert on life after death, which none of us living now are. Sylvia I am sure is in her own paradise right now and her suffering is being rewarded 7 fold and she doesn't have to EVER suffer again. On that same note, the bastards who did these things will endure 7 times the pain Sylvia endured. No it's not God who inflicts these things, but you can bet your ass He will deal with those who do. So why don't you do what this godless world is allready doing and leave God out of it. And please if i have made any grammatical errors, feel free to kiss my ass.

11:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coy was a sick "human being," if you can even classify him as that. Karma missed with him dying of a heart condition - he should have been buried alive or something for the horrible crime he committed. To his children: You didn't choose to be born to this "man," but just because he's your father doesn't mean he can't also be a sorry excuse of a man. Lots of families have horrible people in them, and those families just have to live knowing they have evil lurking in their family. Your father is lucky to have died so nicely - no one practiced judo on him. He was a sick fuck. Deal with it and let God steer you in the opposite direction with your lives.

9:28 PM

Blogger Laird G. said...

Sir Jason Cutler:
I appreciate your candid response to what you are calling hate mail. You didn't by any means thrash this person regards to the letter left for you!! I must applaud you..
And for all that leaves comments about Coy Hubbards Sibling. Shame on you. This child of Coy has no control over what his or her father did. I agree that he/she shouldn't be defending him. But still he/she had no control what his dad did..period. Why is the world are these folks trashing the sibling. I agree with a past comment You are no better than them to threaten anyone especially the sibling of Coy.
Sylvia's death was a terrible tragedy.
All of us has had to endure the suffering along with her family. Obviously not the same but still it's so tough watching these horrid movies and reading court transcripts about those daily events. After going to Indy to see her Monument and seeing her Gravestone in Lebanon, Honestly I had nightmares for months literally months.
Thanks again Jason Cutler
May God Bless you and the sibling of Coy Hubbard.
God Bless all of you that continue the hate speeches. It's not your place.
Only our Lord has a right to condemn those involved.
Sincerely Laird

7:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes this happened over 40 years ago but the torture of Sylvia will go on and be remembered forever. Everyone involved should have had their reproductive parts cut out so they could not reproduce and have children after what they did to a child. its truly pathetic that you would even think of trying to defend your so called dad, murdering piece of shit

1:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coy Hubbard never showed remorse but rather took pride & pleasure in his actions. He should not have been allowed to have a life that included a spouse or children since he helped take that away from Sylvia which included torture & abuse resulting in death. While this may have happened 40+ years ago, there are many of us that refuse to forget it.

11:21 AM

Anonymous Hunter said...

he may have been let out of jail but no matter what your faith, every faith has the belief in some sort of hell, where the wicked exist in eternal torment and damnation. sylvia endured a lot of terrible things, but i believe she is with God, whereas coy and the other evil are as far from the light of God as you can get, suffering from crimes they commited against sylvia and the sins they commited before God.

6:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lived across the street from Coy. I played with his sister. I will never forget about Sylvia Likens. Coy and the rest of them should still be in jail. I find it appalling that Coy said he did not do what he was accused and found quilty of. He did do it and thus he never really showed or found remorse. His family should be respectful to anyone in this case, especially the likens family. No, you are not to blame, but do not try to defend what your father did. He was what he was and you can not change that any more than bring Sylvia back to life.

Linwood neighbor

9:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all those who have stated what they would like to do in this matter, I would offer the following advice.....The next time you take a Coy, don't forget to wipe your Hubbard!

8:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:17 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Learning about this case messed me up! I think I am going to need help. I can't get Sylvia out of my mind

7:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am lost for words I never ever thought that this man was capable of doing that got I was married to his oldest daughter for 11 years and never new of this so sorry for the wrong he had done to coy Hubbard and family stop
He was a fucking monster this you all know and that's why your family is so far apart now like I said you all know me I no

8:10 AM


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